Croquet Gossip - date unknown - Norwich CT

by Paul Bennett · 24 June 2019

Harper's Weekly - Roquet
5th annual National championship in Norwich, CT Photo by Paul Bennett

The fine new grounds of the Norwich Croquet club on the Robbins lot, Cliff street, were laid out at an expense of over $200. Two sets are arranged there, and the grounds are as hard and smooth as a floor.

The new grounds will be informally dedicated next week by several days’ play by some of the most distinguished and skillful players in the country. Dr. Reed of New York, Mr. Johnson of Philadelphia, Mr. Tufts, inventor of the soda fountain, and twenty or thirty others from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are likely to be here. An attempt has been made to get the Staten Island club here, but the result is uncertain.

The Norwich croquet club is one of the oldest and most expert in the country. Organizers of other clubs have come here to get hints and men. Still other organizations have competed with Norwich players for laurels, and have been sadly beaten. Most of the members are men of long experience and rare skill at this sport; and the number has been enlarged by the initiation of one or two new members. Merely to see our own players ply the mallet is considered rich entertainment by scores of people who gather at the ground these afternoons. Next week’s contests will doubtless attract a good crowd.


The tournament they mention is likely the Nationals that were held in Norwich from 1850s till at least 1900. The National tournament was organized by the National croquet committee, most probably consisting of the same gentlemen listed in this article and the article posted in Harper’s weekly.

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