What is National Croquet Day ? - 2019

by Paul Bennett · 23 May 2019

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Saturday JUNE 8th – National Croquet Day

What is National Croquet Day? (you might be asking …), is this another one of those presidential decrees?

Yes, Sarah Low, the president of the United States Croquet Association, has declared Saturday, June 8th as National Croquet Day in North America.

Sarah has put down a modern day challenge:

United Kingdom celebrated National Croquet Day, Sunday May 12

Throughout England, croquet clubs open up their facilities to the general public and invite potential players to experience croquet as it played at their club. Here is a chance to get a free lesson and an introduction to the sport. You might meet a new lifetime friend and begin a new pastime.

Think you know croquet? Think again: NCD National Croquet Day

Backyard Croquet – 9 Wicket was my Introduction

I started playing croquet seriously not after participating in a National Croquet Day, but shortly after playing some backyard croquet with friends from work during a July 4th party. We had fun and we had some different opinions as to what the rules were during the game; after which, I went to a library and found a book by Jack Osborn, the founder of the United States Croquet Association. There I found out a new modern game, with better equipment, formal rules and official tournament play.

The USCA is an association of clubs and croquet players from around North America who share the sport amongst members within their club and with members of the association when holding and promoting “Open and Invitational Tournaments”.

We play a variety of different games from Egyptian Golf Croquet, British Association Croquet, American 6-wicket, all played on manicured putting green courts, to Nine Wicket, played in backyard or park lawns.

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