2020 USCA 9-wicket rules - challenging options

by Paul Bennett · 3 September 2020

A new set of challenging options can be played along with the basic rules.
These challenging options can sometimes drastically change the strategy of the game!

2020 9-Wicket Complete Rulebook2020_Complete_ 9 Wicket _Rules.pdf
[PDF, 235 kB]

Click “PDF” link to download the rules.

2020 9-Wicket Basic Rules2020_9 Wicket _Rules_Basic_Rules.pdf
[PDF, 200 kB]

Click “PDF” link to download the basic rules only.

2020 9-Wicket Challenging Options2020_9 Wicket _Rules_Options.pdf
[PDF, 26 kB]

Click “PDF” link to download the challenging options.

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