2006 West Hartford, CT doubles

Bob Warseck of the Connecticut Extreme Croquet Society.

A one day 9-wicket doubles tournament was held in Elizabeth Park in West Hartford in October. The participants comprised a wide range of skill levels, from 6-wicket players used to playing on short grass to members of the Connecticut Extreme Croquet Society, accustomed to playing in, well… “Extreme Conditions“—holes, trees, hills, water, and the like. The surface used in Elizabeth Park was not as extreme as they were used to but challenging enough.

The Extreme players normally play cutthroat (every person for him/herself), unlike the 6 wicket players who are more familiar with having two balls per side, as used in this tournament. In the end it was the team of Peter Hull and Spence Gowrie going undefeated to win. It was a really fun day and everyone had a great time. We are planning an event in 2007 so if you live in the area and want to play, please contact the contact person who will be listed on the 2007 Events Page in the near future.

Posted 14 December 2007

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