2008 USCA 9-Wicket National Championships

by Matt Griffith · 14 November 2008

Open Singles Winner George Cochran and Finalist Matt Smith
Principle Sponsor Don Oakley of Oakley Woods Croquet: oakleywoods.com

October 3–5, Shawnee Mission, KS

The USCA National Championship 9-Wicket Tournament got under way on a cool and sunny Friday morning. We had three blocks (round robin) of five and one block of six. Eight players came out of the blocks to qualify for the final knockout. The survivors of the knockout were Matt Smith and George Cochran. George prevailed to become the National Singles Champion.

On Friday Night, Matt and Rose Griffith hosted an Opening Reception at their club, Kactus Creek. The event was well attended, with Bob Kroger holding a clinic. Play resumed Saturday morning at 8:30 with 2 blocks of 7 teams in the doubles and 10 cutthroat players. Block A was a battle with 3 teams ending with a 5 and 1 record. Net wickets determined that Matt Baird and Art Parcells were number 1, Matt Griffith and Billy Bob Breeden were second and George Cochran and Don Oakley were third. In Block B the results were Bob Kroger and Reid Fleming first, followed by Matt Smith and Nick Zink, followed by father-and-son team Mike and Michael Chandler in third. The top 2 teams got a bye. Matt Griffith and Billy Bob beat Mike and Michael Chandler; George Cochran and Don Oakley defeated Matt and Nick. Matt and Art won over George and Don and Bob and Reid, winning by 1 wicket over Matt and Billy Bob. In the finals Matt and Art prevailed over Bob and Reid with Matt and Billy Bob winning 3rd over George and Don.

Cut-throat singles had 10 players each getting 4 games. The top 2 had a bye to the finals and the rest played for the last 2 spots. The new National Champion in Cut-throat single is Brad Clouse.

A great time was had by all, with the weather being a beautiful sunny 70’s all weekend. Kansas City will again play host to the National 9-Wicket Tournament in 2009.

Open Singles

  1. George Cochran
  2. Matt Smith
  3. Billy Bob Breeden
  4. Reid Fleming
  5. Matt Baird
  6. Matt Griffith
  7. Bill Martin
  8. Greg Clouse
  9. Bob Kroger
  10. Nick Zink
  11. John Warlick
  12. Art Parcells
  13. Scott Ryburn
  14. Don Brooks
  15. Don Oakley
  16. Jeff Teeter
  17. Stephen Morgan
  18. Roy Morgan
  19. Eric Sawyer
  20. Dylan Goodwin
  21. Caren Sawyer

Championship Doubles

  1. Matt Baird & Art Parcells
  2. Reid Fleming & Bob Kroeger
  3. Matt Griffith & Billy Bob Breeden
  4. George Cochran & Don Oakley
  5. Matt Smith & Nick Zink
  6. Mike & Michael Chandler
  7. Don Brooks & Johnny Nichols
  8. Greg Adams & Troy White
  9. Greg Clouse & Dylan Goodwin
  10. Tom Ericsson & Tony Wackerle
  11. Caren & Eric Sawyer
  12. Bill Martin & John Warlick
  13. Bill Savage & Boyd Haldstead
  14. Beth Ericsson & Mark Miler

Cut-throat Singles

  1. Brad Clouse
  2. Ron Millican
  3. Roy Morgan
  4. Debbie Breeden
  5. Stephen Morgan
  6. Jodie Adams
  7. Deborah Millican
  8. David Starr
  9. Alex Starr
  10. Jacob Starr

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