Will Collins lead the Johnnies to Victory? - St Johns-Annapolis Cup

by Michael Rumbin · 13 March 2015

Winter practice for the Johnnies.

This story was first published by Brady Lee (AGI14) at St. Johns College

Now a senior at St. John’s College and imperial wicket leading the croquet team, Sam Collins is looking to rebound after the Johnnies’ two straight losses to the Midshipmen, after going 25-5 in the first 30 Annapolis Cup matches.
When reminded of the recent losses, Collins and other members of the team remained positive and talked about their preparation for the coming match. “We talk about strategy or new things that we should try,” Collins said.

“Look at the tape. Film study,” added Matt Denci (A15), another senior on the team.
He was only half-joking; Denci received some DVDs on croquet for Christmas. “We’ve been looking at those recently,” Collins said. “They talk strategy and technique for your shot.”

Snow-kay at it's best.

The winter weather did not keep them from practicing.“We actually went down to Pinehurst Country Club [in North Carolina] for four or five days to hang out with some of the national team for croquet and learn some stuff from them. If we can, we find warmer weather when Annapolis doesn’t comply.”

The main draw of croquet has always been the culture at St. John’s.
“It’s a fun game. It really works with what Johnnies are. It’s a lot of strategy, talking with your partner, conversation, discussion, the things we do,” Collins said.

“It’s a very laid-back thing. We’re always having the mindset of practicing and getting better, but also we just really enjoy playing croquet.”
—Brady Lee

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