The Great Croquet Caper

by Steve Fluder · 14 December 2007

Players on the courts at “the Caper”

September 22, 2007: Brethren Retirement Community, Greenville, OH
written by Steve Fluder of ‘Croquet Your Way’

The Great Croquet Caper has become one of the most talked about events in Greenville’s recent history and has a growing number of people abuzz about playing in or supporting next year’s sequel. The grounds and setting were virtually unsurpassed as a venue for old fashioned 9-wicket croquet in tournament form. The event was sanctioned by the United States Croquet Association and was directed by none other than Bob Kroeger, one of a very few Croquet “legends” and a truly great ambassador for America’s greatest backyard sport.

The Friday evening auction had some incredible items, one of the hottest being a Harley donated for the occasion. The turnout was excellent and the entertainment value was the best. Afterward, a number of people signed up to do a night time croquet clinic with Bob Kroeger, complete with lights on wickets and mallets. The following ninety minutes was filled with laughter and “a-ha’s” as people began to grasp technique and strategy points, trying them out in the dark.

The morning brought a gorgeous, though hot day and a great crowd of spectators. A pancake breakfast, a chicken barbecue, a car show, and farmers market served as additional highlights and crowd pleasers. There were over 500 people in that crowd.

The doubles tournament marked a first for Croquet Your Way, experimenting with the more complex 6 Wicket game in the Pro division while amateurs stuck with the traditional 9 Wicket game. Nearly 100 players registered for the competition.

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