Updated Official USCA Rules of 9 Wicket Croquet

by Michael Rumbin · 21 June 2013

The 9 Wicket Committee, under the leadership of Bob Kroeger and John Warlick, have revised the Official USCA Rules of 9 Wicket Croquet. Since the last revision in 2007, there have been six National Championships, with the seventh coming up later this year at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach Florida. With this activity a number of questions, interpretations and suggestions for change have surfaced about the Rules.

The objective of this revision was to bring more clarity to the Rules while maintaining the spirit of 9 wicket, “backyard” play. The Rules of 9 Wicket Croquet now state the following:
• Two extra shots are earned when the striker ball scores two wickets in one shot, or a wicket and the turning stake.
• Whenever more than half of a ball (50%+) crosses the inside edge of a boundary, it is “Out Of Bounds” and should be brought inbounds and placed one mallet length (or 36 inches) into the court.
• If a time limit is set beforehand, the game is over as a “sudden stop”.

The Challenging Optional Rules have been revised as well to reflect current thought about the more competitive Tournament format of the game. There are now 8 Challenging Optional Rules as opposed to 10. Optional Rule 4- Restriction from Roqueting Partner Ball and Optional Rule 5-Removal of sequence of Play have been eliminated. Below is a table that shows the matches between the old Optional Rules frequently used in Tournament play and the new Optional Rules as of 2013.

1A Special relief of Deadness 1A Special Relief of Deadness
1B Clearing Deadness
2 Out of Bounds Play 2 Out of Bounds Play
3 Measuring Balls in from the Boundary
incorporated into New Rule #2
3 Starting Deadness
7 Rover Play 4 Wired Ball
9 Starting Deadness
renumbered as New Rule #3
7 Rover Play
10 Blocked at a Wicket by a Dead Ball
Renumbered as New Rule # 5
5 Blocked at a Wicket by a Dead Ball
8 Over Time Play

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